Dedicated Server Hosting

Power your mission-critical workloads with features only found at B2cHost.

Dedicated plan
Intel Xeon 2.40GHz 4 Core / 8 Thread 1 TB SATA2 8 GB DDR3 5 Unlimited / 1Gbit $110.90
Intel Xeon 2.48GHz 8 Core / 16 Thread 2x1 TB SATA2 16 GB DDR3 5 Unlimited / 1Gbit $133.95
Intel Xeon 2.66GHz 12 Core / 24 Thread 3x2 TB SATA2 32 GB DDR3 5 Unlimited / 1Gbit $199.95
Intel Xeon 2.80GHz 16 Core / 32 Thread 4x2 TB SATA2 64 GB DDR3 5 Unlimited / 1Gbit $292.95

Why Choose B2cHost Dedicated Servers?

Dedicated Server Hosting Features

Control Panel Software

Based on customer requirement Cpanel or Plesk will be provided at additional cost.

DNS Management

With our built in DNS management system, you can
control all of your domains, as well as your reverse DNS
with just a few clicks.

Dedicated IP Address

Each Server will be given with 5 Dedicated IP address.
Customer can buy additional IP addresses any time.

Most Frequently Asked Questions!

With dedicated web hosting, you’re renting a physical server dedicated to your website, and your website only. A dedicated server is much faster than shared hosting because you’re not sharing resources like bandwidth or storage with other websites hosted on the same server.

B2cHost servers connect to the Internet through redundant high-speed connections, ensuring data delivery to the end user in the fastest, most efficient manner possible. B2cHost guarantees a 100.0% uptime excluding scheduled maintenance of 1 hour per month and prior notified upgrades. B2cHost Cisco powered network combined with 24/7/365 monitoring by highly qualified network engineers and administrators, guarantee the functioning of all network infrastructure including routers, switches, and cabling.

We guarantee that all our standard server configurations will be set up within 4-24 business hours. Factors contributing to longer setup times may include server add-ons, custom configurations, and payment approval time.

All of our servers use Exim to send and receive mail. You can create as many e-mail accounts as you like and set up auto-responders, forwarding, aliasing, and any other mail services you require using your control panel.

B2cHost Dedicated Servers offer great control over all aspects of your server.

Our B2cHost team is on-site and available 24/7/365 to ensure our servers and your sites are running at peak performance.

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